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MaxSafe in Gastronomy...

Full protection with MaxSafe in Gastronomy... Together We Are Stronger

Covid-19 Commercial Deep Cleaning

The COVID-19 Pandemic has profoundly affected the economies of many countries and also many commercial enterprises all over the world. Even if businesses survived this global fluctuation by staying open, their activities and visitor traffic decreased significantly.


With the expression that entered our lives with the Covid-19 Pandemic, in the transition to the 'new normal', business enterprises should take extra precautions to ensure that service areas and offices are safe and hygienic for their employees, visitors and customers.


If you are also a business owner, you know that it has become a necessity to take measures to prevent the spread of unwanted dirt, bacteria and harmful viruses that pose a great risk to humans. If you need to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces, your business will need more than a regular cleaning and your work environment needs to be disinfected with the latest technology.

With MaxSafe Hygienic Cleaning Service, you can maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness with deep cleaners by using the right resources to disinfect your work areas in the most appropriate and healthy way.

Make Your Business a Safe Space

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MaxSafe’s specialist deep cleaning services can ensure harmful germs and
bacteria are reduced in your facility.  

Our local cleaning teams will pay attention to all high traffic areas and touch-points throughout your premises and will ensure your building is not only clean but hygienic.

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Let's protect our living spaces from invisible intruders altogether!

Professional contract cleaning services
The success of MaxSafe is down to our commitment to deliver the highest standards of cleaning services to your business. When choosing a commercial cleaning company for your premises, it is vital to consider if they can provide the right service for you.

at MaxSafe, we adapt our cleaning methods to your business, whether your need office space cleaning or retail store cleaning services, whilst maintaining the same ethos behind every clean that we complete: providing the very best quality at an effective cost. To do so, we charge per clean rather than per hour, so you can rest assured that no stone will be unturned when it comes to a detailed clean that will delight your customers, employees and clients alike. 


Smart Offer 

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Smart Offer   

Smart Offer

MaxSafe Pro ULV
 Ultra Low Volume Cold Fogger
Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services 

COVID-19  Deep Cleaning

CH-Wide With Safe Working Methods

Commercial Deep Cleaning Service
Every business needs a clean and safe environment for their staff and

Deep Cleaning Gift
worth 100 CHF / one-time UVL cleaning

Covid 19

Free Use for 24 Months

You only pay the liquid disinfectant fee
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MaxSafe - Pro Q101 

%100 Contactless

High Quality Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

High Quality Contactless Disinfectant Dispenser With

Aesthetics, Stability And Functionality.

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MaxSafe - Pro Q101 

%100 Contactless

High Quality 
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

1 Disinfectant Stand with Sensor machine

1 High Pressure Disinfectant Machine

MaxSafe Pro ULV 
Ultra Low Volume 
Cold FoggerCleaning, 
Sanitizing & D
isinfecting Services 

"Smart Offer One"

1 liter MaxSafe

MaxSafe - Pro Q101 

%100 Contactless

High Quality 
Hand Sanitizer Disinfectant

MaxSafe Pro ULV

Ultra Low Wolume

Cold Fogger Cleaning
ULV Virucidal Disinfectant

1 liter MaxSafe
ULV Virucidal Disinfectant

Smart Offer 

This is a MaxCare - Social Responsibility
Project Contribution

To enquire about our high-quality deep cleaning services, contact us via the form on this page.

We want to help you get back in business safely so that you can focus on other areas of your business without worrying about cleaning and hygiene.