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let's create synergy

Synergy Group

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

— Albert Einstein

Synergy Group Suisse


Profitable Brands Together ...

Based on the vision "To be an original and innovative world brand with global value in all sectors in which it operates" Synergy Group works to maintain the reputation it has gained with its high quality and reliability as well as to increase its capacity with stable investments.

Along with this vision, its only purpose is to meet the intense customer demand with a high level of satisfaction without sacrificing quality.

Synergy Group shapes the future with its values ​​on this road, which started with the vision of becoming an original and innovative world brand.

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All About Fragrance & Beauty


We Care About You
Innovative, sustainable and high performance solutions
that add value to you and make your life easier.

Maximum Protection

Multi Protection with you in all areas of life. MaxSafe are currently offering flexible emergency deep cleaning services, during the current COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the highest level of hygiene in your facilities.

Discover Your Beauty

Most valuable investment in yourself.
You can choose 
the best suitable insurance network packages

for you,and easily reach the most accurate service options
that appeal to your budget and needs.

The Future Depends on What We Do Taday

As Max Care Healthy Life we want to fulfill our duty so that the children of the world can live in better conditions than today.You can contribute to the projects we do for this purpose with your company to be a part of the solution.


All About Fragrance & Beauty


The Possibilities Are Beautiful

The motivation of patience undoubtedly created the
Vision of Synergy Group.

With all brands that do not compromise on quality with an innovative and original line, which Synergy Group has brought together under its vision,

adopts the importance of progressing by climbing the steps of endurance one by one.

 Synergy Group aims to create new jobs by increasing its production and sales volume in the long term and to contribute to the economy by expanding its production areas.

In line with this goal,

It has adopted the principle of sharing the gains on the road to success by realizing the social responsibility projects it has planned. 

Fragrance & Beauty

Show the world   how much    you're loved

The Scent of Heaven.. In Acqua di Paradiso,

The world's best commercial and home fragrance solutions,
We are constantly working to provide home fragrances and essential oils.


That  for us is where our story starts…
Fragrance and technology merge to deliver unique olfactive experiences. Chinque Air Scent designs minimalist diffusion systems and bespoke scents for premium global brands.

Branded Candles, Room Sprays, Reed Diffusers

Custom Made Projects

We support custom-made projects such as special events, new product launches, outdoor events and much more.

As the leading provider of scent marketing solutions for brands, hotels, showrooms and retailers, Chinque scent technology transforms the perception of your commercial identity and environment. Proven to enhance the appeal of any environment, our scent machines can be customised to reflect even the most challenging environment or brand.

Fragrance & Beauty

Like music & visual décor,
ambient scenting can build brand associations,
promote products & create inviting interior atmospheres.
at Acqua di Paradiso we source the highest quality aroma essences to ensure the widest possible selection of choice.


We are feeling the curiosity in life and we bring it to you...
Beyaz Şube


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Synergy Group Suisse AG
A. Baarer Street 135 - 6300 
ZUG - Switzerland
M. info@synergygroup.ch
P. +41 41 710 80 37

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